Never Put Aside

► Never Put Aside ( Berlin City Hardcore)

Never Put Aside  es knallt im wald

Never Put Aside was founded in November 2003 in Berlin by Robert (guitar), Dirk (drums) and Marcel (bass). Timo joined after line-up changes in 2009. At least Erik (guitar) and Matze (vocals) joined in Juli 2010 and support the band now. In 2013 Timo decided to leave Never Put Aside.

Producing a d.i.y. six track MCD (GOT THE LAW) in summer 2005, Consequence Of Your Behaviour for the Berlin Hardcore Sampler Vol.2, the full length record PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING THE BODY in 2007, Your Downfall for the Underground Take over Sampler in 2011, ALL THAT KEEPS US STRONG in 2012 and shared stages with Anticops, First Blood, Punishable Act, Isolated,
Do Or Die, CroMags, Leeway, Walls of Jericho, Cataract, Maroon, The Destiny Program, Deadsoil and Seventh Star and many more.

The music of Never Put Aside is aggressive, violent, in your face Hardcore. Mixing classic NY Hardcore with heavy downbeats, fast metal parts and brutal shouting.

The band is currently working on new material and playing as many shows as possible.

We stand for true music, true hardcore, true friendship. Keep yourself and the music real.

Never Put Aside…

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